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News: Emdoor information Co.,Ltd. selected "Shenzhen The New Information Industry 2017 min-year Report Star"

    September 15, 2017 afternoon, the first road combined with Shenzhen City three new board of Investment and Financing Services Association held < Nuggets semi - blue chip stocks New three summer Investment Summit > activities in Shenzhen Luohu TV studio by Shenzhen City Finance Office, Shenzhen SME Service Department, and Shenzhen related industry associations. They selected the industry top 5 high- quality enterprise. Emdoor information with excellent mid-year results successfully recruited the "Shenzhen The New Three Board 2017 min-year Report Star" contest by Shenzhen City three new board of Investment and Financing Services Association jointly launched, and was selected "Shenzhen The New Three Board 2017 min-year Report Star". Emdoor Information general manager Mr. Liu Yuangui participated in the Awards activities.


The scene of the award

     "Shenzhen The New Three Board 2017 min-year Report Star" aimed at mining outstanding NEEQ enterprises, comprehensively promote the growth of business in Shenzhen. In order to expand the influence and sphere of influence and the authentic of data. The association organized the strong jury of line brokerage, accountants, lawyers, investment banks, professional services and other fields of actual combat experts for the real and effective of evaluation data and results.


The scene of the award

    Shenzhen Emdoor information Co.,Ltd. based on customer requirements to provide personalized customization of high-tech electronic products. From PDQ to tablet to notebook products, then to Advertising machine POS, Industrial PC, Microsoft cloud and a series of Industry products and solutions, which to meet customer demand for the industry aerospace car police education and fishing industry and other industries.The company can also provide customers with design, mold development, hardware and software development,structural design, technical support and other customized, integrated solutions services.


Emdoor information stock code (837171)

    No pain no gain. Emdoor Information substantially increased product sales depends on the keen sense of smell, good quality, stable performance, fast and efficient service; high competitiveness,cost-effective of the product program and other comprehensive advantages. With the development of Internet technology, Emdoor information will continue to deepen the field of mobile hardened intelligent terminal applicationsto provide more suitable products for the market.


Mr. Liu Yuangui, general manager of Emdoor information Co.,Ltd.

    "Shenzhen The New Information Industry 2017 min-year Report Star" will greatly encourage Emdoor and enhance Emdoor staff confidence. the award is pass already, the new achievements will be our future!


Team building activities


Emdoor Group Introduction:

Established in 2002,Emdoor Group is a leading the high-tech enterprise of technology sales, application and industrialization. It is innovative company that focuses on mobile terminal, industry application terminal and Internet of things system solutions.

Let cutting-edge technology more accessible is Emdoor group's mission, Emdoor staff provide customers with the most competitive product solutions and services as always since the establishment of the Emdoor; the main R & D and production of the value-added distribution and consumer products of embedded tool (tablet computer, 2 in 1 notebook, one machine, intelligent box), industry terminal(Rugged handheld, Rugged table, Rugged semi-rugged notebook, commercial display terminal, Industrial PC box, industrial control products, Financial payment products), virtual reality (VR/AR/MR), Networking (terminal, gateway, solutions); Simultaneously also provide software system and cloud service scheme for customers; widely used in life, office, education, logistics, car, finance, business, intelligent home and other related industries.

Emdoor Information Company Introduction:

Established in 2008, Emdoor information is a subsidiary of the Emdoor group; Currently Emdoor has a team of more than two hundred staffs, no only is the largest domestic high tech company of the Rugged tablet & Notebook R & D, but also is one of the largest industry customization and terminal products company in China.

Emdoor information based on high-tech electronic products for customers to provide personalized customization, from rugged handheld to rugged tablet to rugged notebook products, then to commercial display advertising POS, industrial PC, Microsoft cloud and a series of industry products and solutions, meet the customer requirements of industry, aviation, aerospace, vehicle, police, education, exploration, animal husbandry, Fisheries, financial and so on all walks of life.

Emdoor Information can also provide customers with appearance design, mold development, software and hardware development, structural design, technology support and so on customization integrated solution service, help customers succeed in the digital society.


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