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Microsoft’s global vice president visit Emdoor’s booths in HK Global fair

Emdoor is one of Microsoft's most important partners in 2008 in the WinCE cooperation and soon become Microsoft's gold partner; in 2013 Emdoor and Intel, Microsoft together start their Shenzhen CTE industry chain road, 2014 ~ 2016 has been number one in the 2in1 tablet market, has also been Microsoft Windows ecosystem in the lead industry companies; June 2016 was invited to participate in Microsoft's global president Satya Nadella China's Shenzhen partner meeting; in 2016 in the consumer Products and industries to create 9 million units on the mobile terminal shipments in a contrarian growth; 2017 in cooperation with Microsoft depth of cooperation for the market, the Shenzhen industry chain launched a number of competitive new technology such as: modern PC (Hero Dive),All in one machine, the best rugged tablet and Notebook, VR, and the application of Microsoft cloud advertising Release system and LoRa Internet of Things system and many other solutions. And in the global resources of the second phase (October 18 to 21) Hong Kong Electronics Fair shine, 18, Microsoft Global Vice President Peter han and Microsoft executives visit Emdoor booth

Over the past 15 years,
Emoor experienced steady growth, rapid development and growth, but also experienced stagnation, missed opportunities; but always to the layout of the next future when the industry is slowing down,. 2002 to 2007 is a steady growth, from three people to create Emdoor electronic, mainly engaged in the development of value-added distribution tools, has been committed to the world's leading technology into the domestic R & D enterprises, to improve research and development efficiency, low the cost, to create the value of high-tech products; from 2006 to nowadays, Emdoor Electronics has been the largest distribution of domestic R & D tools companies. 2007 we miss the chance for developing the GPS,But Emdoor start the MID,after two years effects with ipad launched,Emdoor tablet sale volume has been 20% in the no-branded tablet market,and number one solution company

In the era of rapid development of the tablet, Emdoor will start the next era of layout, 2013 We and Intel, Microsoft jointly launched Windows8.1 tablet; union with Wintel began the industrialization of CTE Shenzhen Road, this is the rapid growth of 5 years; the past few years which created a lot of magical things, not only Windows number one sales, but also in the Windows product program (from Win8.1, Win10, Win10 Modern PC, Microsoft cloud ) Has been leading the industry forward; in the depth of the field of products began rugged and notebook road, 2016 in May Emdoor information successfully listed in the new three boards; today,Emdoor and began to cooperate with Microsoft in depth In this Hong Kong Electronics Show launched a number of Windows under the many new ecological, including from the consumer - industry - cloud system solutions for many new products

All in one with Intel Kaby Lake-R Win10

Intel Gemini Lake Win10 Modern PC

Rugged tablets


Information publish system

IOT solution

This is the industry's leading products and solutions that will build a solid foundation for the next leap-forward development of Emdoor.
Emdoor Group Introduction:

Established in 2002,Emdoor Group is a leading the high-tech enterprise of technology sales, application and industrialization. It is innovative company that focuses on mobile terminal, industry application terminal and Internet of things system solutions.

Let cutting-edge technology more accessible is Emdoor group's mission, Emdoor staff provide customers with the most competitive product solutions and services as always since the establishment of the Emdoor; the main R & D and production of the value-added distribution and consumer products of embedded tool (tablet computer, 2 in 1 notebook, one machine, intelligent box), industry terminal(Rugged handheld, Rugged table, Rugged semi-rugged notebook, commercial display terminal, Industrial PC box, industrial control products, Financial payment products), virtual reality (VR/AR/MR), Networking (terminal, gateway, solutions); Simultaneously also provide software system and cloud service scheme for customers; widely used in life, office, education, logistics, car, finance, business, intelligent home and other related industries.

Emdoor Information Company Introduction:

Established in 2008, Emdoor information is a subsidiary of the Emdoor group; Currently Emdoor has a team of more than two hundred staffs, no only is the largest domestic high tech company of the Rugged tablet & Notebook R & D, but also is one of the largest industry customization and terminal products company in China.

Emdoor information based on high-tech electronic products for customers to provide personalized customization, from rugged handheld to rugged tablet to rugged notebook products, then to commercial display advertising POS, industrial PC, Microsoft cloud and a series of industry products and solutions, meet the customer requirements of industry, aviation, aerospace, vehicle, police, education, exploration, animal husbandry, Fisheries, financial and so on all walks of life.

Emdoor Information can also provide customers with appearance design, mold development, software and hardware development, structural design, technology support and so on customization integrated solution service, help customers succeed in the digital society.


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