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Craftsman spirit, win-win cooperation ——Emdoor Information First Supplier Conference Report

    2017 is the year of Emdoor information is facing great challenges and lay the foundation. Emdoor information occupy a space for one person in the market through continuous innovation and improve the quality. This excellent result depends on Emdoor information staff, and the first level of the source of the product and  the quality control-- supplier partners. Therefore, Emdoor information held the first supplier conference, and achieved a complete success.

With the joint efforts of colleagues in the company, The representatives of more than hundreds of supply chain partners were invited to attend the conference. It is that the first time together with suppliers since the establishment of emdoor information, introduced the development and present situation of Emdoor, explore wider and wider cooperation way in the future.

The conference has several stages as follows:
    The speech of Mr. Shi Qing, chairman of Emdoor Information.

     The speech of Mr. Liu Yuangui, general manager of Emdoor information

The speech of Mr. Yang Jun, deputy general manager of Emdoor information.

   The speech of best partner Microsoft representative and supplier representative. 

In 2018, Emdoor information no only still insist on continuous innovation and improve the quality, but also put forward new higher expectations. The product quality is the life of enterprise. Let us sink in the heart, play the artisan spirit, build quality. Emdoor information will help and honor together with suppliers, sincere cooperation, mutual benefit and win-win situation,which achieved industrial ecological community!

Emdoor Group Introduction:

Established in 2002,Emdoor Group is a leading the high-tech enterprise of technology sales, application and industrialization. It is innovative company that focuses on mobile terminal, industry application terminal and Internet of things system solutions.

Let cutting-edge technology more accessible is Emdoor group's mission, Emdoor staff provide customers with the most competitive product solutions and services as always since the establishment of the Emdoor; the main R & D and production of the value-added distribution and consumer products of embedded tool (tablet computer, 2 in 1 notebook, one machine, intelligent box), industry terminal(Rugged handheld, Rugged table, Rugged semi-rugged notebook, commercial display terminal, Industrial PC box, industrial control products, Financial payment products), virtual reality (VR/AR/MR), Networking (terminal, gateway, solutions); Simultaneously also provide software system and cloud service scheme for customers; widely used in life, office, education, logistics, car, finance, business, intelligent home and other related industries.

Emdoor Information Company Introduction:

Established in 2008, Emdoor information is a subsidiary of the Emdoor group; Currently Emdoor has a team of more than two hundred staffs, no only is the largest domestic high tech company of the Rugged tablet & Notebook R & D, but also is one of the largest industry customization and terminal products company in China.

Emdoor information based on high-tech electronic products for customers to provide personalized customization, from rugged handheld to rugged tablet to rugged notebook products, then to commercial display advertising POS, industrial PC, Microsoft cloud and a series of industry products and solutions, meet the customer requirements of industry, aviation, aerospace, vehicle, police, education, exploration, animal husbandry, Fisheries, financial and so on all walks of life.

Emdoor Information can also provide customers with appearance design, mold development, software and hardware development, structural design, technology support and so on customization integrated solution service, help customers succeed in the digital society.


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