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Sticking to the road of industry---Emdoor information participated in Shanghai International Industrial Automation Exhibition

2018 Shanghai International Industrial Automation and Robotics Exhibition, abbreviated as:”ARE Shanghai 2018”. The exhibition will be held on 2nd to 4th April 2018 in center of Shanghai New International Expo. Emdoor information dressed up to attend and brought intelligent factory and industrial automation solutions.

As the largest industrial exhibition that robot, industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing in East china. Emdoor information won't miss it. The unique geographical advantage of East China, the factories in the area have advanced ideas and needs for transformation, has become a leader in industrial automation and intelligent manufacturing.

After launched a series of industrial rugged tablet, Emdoor information new launched industrial control computer based on intel platform. The series of industrial control has three different chips, included kabylak, gemini lake, and apollolake, which applies to different customer needs. This series of products supports network wake-up, hardware watchdog ect., functions, has rich storage options and interface options as well as multifunctional extended interfaces.

Emdoor information responded positively to the reform call of National Industry 4.0, hoping to catch the fourth Industrial Revolution. Not only intelligent factories, intelligent production, but also intelligent logistics, let our own R&D products can play a role, and hope to use this trend, homeopathy and occupy a place.

Booths of Emdoor information: A192  Welcome!

Emdoor Group Introduction:

Established in 2002,Emdoor Group is a leading the high-tech enterprise of technology sales, application and industrialization. It is innovative company that focuses on mobile terminal, industry application terminal and Internet of things system solutions.

Let cutting-edge technology more accessible is Emdoor group's mission, Emdoor staff provide customers with the most competitive product solutions and services as always since the establishment of the Emdoor; the main R & D and production of the value-added distribution and consumer products of embedded tool (tablet computer, 2 in 1 notebook, one machine, intelligent box), industry terminal(Rugged handheld, Rugged table, Rugged semi-rugged notebook, commercial display terminal, Industrial PC box, industrial control products, Financial payment products), virtual reality (VR/AR/MR), Networking (terminal, gateway, solutions); Simultaneously also provide software system and cloud service scheme for customers; widely used in life, office, education, logistics, car, finance, business, intelligent home and other related industries.

Emdoor Information Company Introduction:

Established in 2008, Emdoor information is a subsidiary of the Emdoor group; Currently Emdoor has a team of more than two hundred staffs, no only is the largest domestic high tech company of the Rugged tablet & Notebook R & D, but also is one of the largest industry customization and terminal products company in China.

Emdoor information based on high-tech electronic products for customers to provide personalized customization, from rugged handheld to rugged tablet to rugged notebook products, then to commercial display advertising POS, industrial PC, Microsoft cloud and a series of industry products and solutions, meet the customer requirements of industry, aviation, aerospace, vehicle, police, education, exploration, animal husbandry, Fisheries, financial and so on all walks of life.

Emdoor Information can also provide customers with appearance design, mold development, software and hardware development, structural design, technology support and so on customization integrated solution service, help customers succeed in the digital society.

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