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1、Q: There will be a shadow when recording or taking photo?

A: Please check whether the lens parts are dirty. If necessary, clean the view window parts of the camera.

2、Q: Is machine shell hot?

A: The bottom of the body will slightly hot when the machine is charging or continuous use. It is a normal phenomenon that slightly hot bottom shell because of the battery used by the rugged tablet is larger and the working current of the machine is higher.

3、Q: Can machine be external connect keyboard?

A: Rugged Tablet can use external keyboard. Keyboard can directly  connect to the USB port if machine have USB port. Machine connect external keyboard by OTG cable if it have not USB port.

4、Q: Do machine appears touch screen or any button is not responding when it loading files or crash?

A :Machine crashes due to unstable operation of the machine. User can use a tool like a pin to press the reset button. User can press the power button for more than 8 seconds to reset operation if there is no reset button.(Note:Different models, different reset settings)

5、Q: How does Android system download and install applications?

A:User can use PC search for the application you need through the Internet or in the machine online state. After download,user can install in machine itself or through mobile assistant software as well as through machine itself comes with the software.

6、Q: Can’t earphones hear the sound?

A: Please confirm whether the sound is 0; Please confirm there is no problem with earphone and the connection of the earphone.

7、Q: How does machine use OTG feature?

A: Selecting USB mode in the setting options and using the OTG cable to connect the U disk or move the hard disk, then machine can read the files in the external memory.Machine need external power supply when it connect a mobile hard disk.

8、Q: About the explanation that full charge of machine soon fell to 70% when it boot.

A: In theory, machine’s charge will be full after using the original charger 4-5 hours, so the software will shows full after charging 4-5 hours later. In fact, it continue takes 1-2 hours to fully charge, so charging 4-5 hours drops to 70% when using high current, which is the problem of battery level display. You only need to continue charge one more hour.

9.Q: How to delete the desktop icon?

A: Users press the unwanted desktop icon and does not move it. Icon will automatically float after 3 seconds ,then you can move it to the top of the "Recycle bin" , you can delete the desktop icon.

10.Q: how can the tablet PC transmit data? How does solve the question of it not work after the computer is connected?

A: The system will automatically install the tablet driving when the machine is connected to the computer, then my computer will be more of a disk, the disk is flat storage, it can transmit data. If your device cant recognized when it connected to the computer : 1. Check tablet USB interface whether good; 2. Check USB interface of a computer whether good; 3. Check loading the driver whether normal after the tablet connect the host computer; 4.Check USB line whether good.